Your Water

Types of Water Problems

Abendroth Water Conditioning has been resolving water problems since 1953. Give us a call or stop in and see us to discuss any of the following water problems.

Hard Water

hardwaterpipeHard water is formed through the settling of minerals in water. A hard scaly surface is generally what appears to the eye. A report published by the American Water Works Association and printed by the Water Quality Association found that this scale will clog pipes and can decrease the life of flushing water tank units by 70%, water faucets by 40%, and washing equipment, dishwashers and clothes washers by as much as 30%. Did you know that the efficiency of a gas water heater may be reduced by as much as 29% when using hard water? Electric water heater efficiency may be reduced by up to 21%. Clothing washed in soft water remains brighter and can last longer than clothes washed in hard water.