Benefits of Water Treatment

Cleaner, More Attractive Bathrooms

  • bath_wcShowers and tubs stay cleaner longer, with less soap scum and residue.
  • Reduce time and money by 50% with less cleaning, soaps, and shampoo.
  • Skin has the natural oils, softness and feel revealed after baths, showers, shaving, and hand washing.
  • Hair is softer, more vibrant, more manageable, and uses less shampoo.

Healthier, Cleaner Kitchen

  • kitchen_wcDishes are cleaner and glasses and china are spotless. (Fact 2010 / 2011 WQRF, Scientific Services, and Battelle Study)
  • Soft Water uses 70% less detergent in the dishwasher. ( Fact 2011 WQRF / Scientific Services Study)
  • Soft Water requires 60 degree, instead of 100 degree water. Saves energy costs. (Fact 2011 WQRF / Scientific Services Study)
  • More natural flavors when cooking, boiling, and steaming.

Softer, Cleaner, Brighter Laundry

  • laundry_wcClothes, linens and towels are brighter and whiter. (Fact 2011 Scientific Services WQRF Study)
  • Soft Water 60% less laundry soap then hard water (Fact 2011 Scientific Services WQRF Study)
  • Soft water never needs hot water. Saving large amounts of heating energy (Fact 2011 Scientific Services WQRF Study)
  • Washing Machines last longer with less mineral scaling. (Fact 2010 Battelle Soft Water Study)

More Efficient Plumbing and Appliances

  • bathtubWater flow and pressure are improved with less scale build up. (Fact 2010 Battelle / WQRF Study)
  • Water heater efficiency is increased by up to 47% with with soft water. (Fact 2010 Battelle / WQRF Study)
  • Extends the life of dishwashers, washing machines, water heaters, and plumbing. (Fact 2010 Battelle / WQRF Study)
  • Faucets & Fixtures maintain that new “vibrant” shine with no hard water spotting. (Fact 2010 Battelle / WQRF Study)
  • Tank-less and High Effeciency water heater warranties are not void with soft water. They are with hard water.