Iron Removal & Water Filtration

When an individual water problem exists, Abendroth Water gives you a variety of smart solutions. Each of our water softeners and filters have been engineered  to operate as a stand alone system, or a complete “family.” Therefore, the filters shown here are designed for use in combination with any of our water softeners to successfully treat specific water problems or challenging conditions.

Abendroth Water can provide the quality water you desire, eliminating unwanted minerals, hardness, odors, tastes or acidity. With many sizes and options to choose from, you’ll not only get a complete system that’s designed to work as one, you’ll have a system that works best for your household, and for your specific water problem.

The Chemical Free Solution for Iron, Sulfur, & Rotten Egg Odors

Iron Guard Filter photo

Clean, Clear, Odor Free Water From The Tap
iFilterH2O Iron Guard from Final Barrier Water is proven to effectively remove high levels of sulfur, iron, and manganese commonly found in well water. These filtration systems are often used in combination with other Final Barrier Water Systems to provide a total iTreatH2O home water solution. Final Barrier Water filters are environmentally safe, chemical free, and are WQA, NSF, IAPMO certified to ANSI Standards.

How It Works
Using a proprietary multi-media depth filtration, in combination with “All Natural” oxygen, the Iron Guard will filter out unwanted minerals and contaminants. Water high in contaminants is forced through the pure oxygen, converting iron, manganese and sulfur into physical particles. These particles are then trapped in the specialty media leaving behind highly oxygenated, clean, clear, crisp water. The media then rinses the unwanted contaminants down the drain at the conveniently programmed time.

Want to disinfect your filtered water? Ask about our iFilterH2O-IronGuardO3 with Ozone sanitation. Once again Au Natural!

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iFilter-IronGuard Brochure

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The Media

Each filter is carefully built to each customer’s application with premium selected media, chosen exclusively for each customer’s water DNA. No “cookie cutter, one size fits all” application here. The Iron Guard Filters use media that are produced under patented, tested, and proven standards. Final Barrier Water Systems use only certified media that are NSF, WQA, IAPMO,FDA certified to ANSI standards to treat consumer’s water problems safely, and effectively, while at the same time adhering to strict GREEN technology and Carbon Footprint reductions.


Progressive Air Release is a slow release air cycle designed by Abendroth Water Conditioning and shared with select OEM manufactures for improvements to Air Injection Iron Systems. This custom design allows the control valve to slowly release the pressurized air to the drain instead of a “Fast Hard Purge” like most competitors in the market place.

The Electronics

The microprocessor captures your home’s water DNA, monitoring all operating conditions, including gallons per day, total gallons used, current flow rate peak flow rates, total regenerations, days since last regeneration and more. The electronics are protected by a battery backup.

The Control Valve

A rugged, Noryl™ control valve handles high flow rates without dropping household water pressure — even when showers, toilets, faucets and laundry are all used simultaneously.



FinalBarrierWater® Series filters are specifically designed to effectively and efficiently treat a multitude of water problems, from both city and well sources. These filters are manufactured to use water efficiently, conserving your water supply and preserving your well and its components. The FinalBarrierWater Series water filter can provide the quality water you want without all the unwanted minerals, odors, tastes or acidity.

Protect Your Household!

Every filter is built from the ground up using special media and media mixes to treat on eor several water quality problems. As always, Abendroth Water Conditioning will perform a water test to determine the proper and most effecient system for your home. They are engineered to use water efficiently, making them easy on your water supply and well components. Count on Abendroth Water for expert advice on which system is right for your household and water condition.

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Acid Neutralizing Filters

Acidic water can be harmfully corrosive to your entire plumbing system. This condition can often be treated with a single acid neutralizing filter. Metered units monitor and self-adjust regeneration cycles based on household trend of water consumption. These systems are recommended for adjusting low pH waters. Water with pH 6.0 – 6.9 These systems use a self sacraficing media which will have to be replaced or replenished  periodically. Signs of low pH are are stains that are blue / green in color.

Multi-Media Filtration

This flexible backwashing filter is used to treat a multitude of problems. A single media or a multitude of media blends prove very effective due to gravity specific properties of the media. These filters are generally used to filter the water down to low particulate levels and handle turbidity, such as clay, silt, and sand from water.

Filter Z — Particle Removal

This high quality, granular zeolite media is produced from a unique mineral deposit that has high surface area and porosity, making this media preferred over conventional sand. The surface of this media features microscopic minerals that allow particulate matter to penetrate deeply into the bed.

Carbon — Taste and Odor

Designed for the removal of Chlorine, volitile organic contaminants, and TriHalomethanes.Slight sulfur odors can often be removed by a carbon filter unit. However, when odors are extreme, your water treatment professional may recommend a pre-chlorination system to help increase the life of a carbon unit. In such installations, this series of filters will effectively remove taste and odor associated with chlorine and sulfur.


Ultra UF ProThe Ultra-UF Pro

The best in filtration technology is now availible for your residence. Did you know that UF filters have been used on the ” Dirty water” side of the waste treatment plants for years? Thats right water that comes in dirty and comes our safe & clean. You can now have this technology as the Final Barrier of filtration in your home. Own a private well? Look what the UF-Pro does to Tannin Water.

What is Ultrafiltration (UF)?

Ultrafiltration or UF is a pressure driven membrane separation process that separates particulate matter from soluble components in the water. UF membranes typically have pore sizes in the range of 0.01 – 0.10 µm and have a high removal capability for bacteria and most viruses, colloids and silt (SDI). The smaller the nominal pore size,  the higher the  removal capability. Most materials that are used in UF are polymeric and are naturally hydrophobic.  Common polymeric materials used in UF include: Polysulfone (PS), Polyethersulfone (PES), Polypropylene (PP),  or Polyvinylidenefluoride (PVDF). Although these materials can be blended with hydrophilic agents, they can reduce  the membranes ability to be cleaned with high strength disinfectants such as hypochlorite that impacts removal of  bacterial growth.

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Cut Away View of the UF Pro

Cut Away View of the UF Pro

Advantages of Ultrafiltration:

  • Low fouling membrane modules.
  • Excellent filtration performance with high flux.
  • High chemical resistance and temperature tolerance for effective membrane cleaning.
  • Very fine nominal pore diameter (0.02 µm)
  • High removal efficiency of bacteria and viruses.
  • Dead-end or concentrate bleed flow capabilities.
  • Periodically back washed and scoured to improve performance and extend life by removing the fouling layers.
  • Simple, vertical, modular design allows low cost, compact systems.
  • UF Outside-In or Inside-Out Configuration allows for less plugging and higher solids loading, higher flow area and easier cleaning.
Tannin Removal with the UF Pro Filter

Tannin Removal with the UF Pro Filter

evolveValveCloseUpIron Guard 2.0

At Abendroth Water Conditioning we never stop working at making better products, and better service. The new IG 2.0 is a great example of improving our technology. With the incorporation of the specialty computer we have incorporated the best benefits in Iron removal availible today. And! with no increase in cost.

Same Great Product, Same Great Results, Better Valve Technology.

The New Iron Guard 2.0 has taken iron, manganese, and sulfur removal from your water to a whole new level, and has done so at economical pricing. No more rust stains on your fixtures, no more “rotten egg” smelling water, just clean clear water at every tap.

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IMS-IMB_cutawayVersatility & Reliability

  • New Clack Adjustable Cycle Sequence Inchworm Valve
  • Available in 1″ (standard) 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″ and commercial valves.
  • Standard size is 12×48 where competitor filters start at 10×54
  • Adjustable Cycle Sequence Microprocessor control to custom fit every homeowner.
  • Available with twin tank, tri-plex, quad-plex, or progressive flow.
  • Single Piston and spacer / stack assembly
  • 2 moving parts. Motor and piston
  • Quick Disconnect drain valve
  • Quick Disconnect By-pass
  • Set It and forget it technology
  • Battery with 99 year capacity
  • 58 years of quality experience. Longer then most manufactures.

Benefits & features of the Iron Guard

Chemical Free

  • No Harmful Chemicals
  • No risk of damage to plumbing, lawns, animals or humans
  • No chemicals in the home

Less Regeneration Water & Time

  • Only 56 gallons of regeneration water used
  • Complete Regeneration in 39 minutes
  • Availible with No-Raw Water By-pass
  • Availible with bottom flush MAV Valves

Higher amounts of dissolved oxygen

  • Keeps home odor free
  • Removes problem causing rust
  • Removes black staining manganese
  • Removes Hydrogen Sulfide
  • No air pumps to repair and plug up.

Higher water flow rates than competing systems

  • Highest flow rate per system size then competing systems
  • Less pressure loss then competing systems
  • Less regeneration waste water then competing systems

No need for dual tanks

  • Why have dual tanks when not needed.
  • Dual tanks add cost to the system.
  • Dual tanks take up more space
  • Dual tanks use more waste water.
  • If you need or want a dual tank The Iron Guard 2.0 offers it at half the cost of other manufactures

Fully customizable Self-diagnostic controls.

  • Keeps the homeowner up to date about system operation.
  • Current Flow rates.
  • Peak flow rates.
  • Time of day.
  • Time of regeneration.
  • Time remaining in regeneration.
  • Gallons remaining.
  • Calander day override
  • Progressive flow multi tank systems (up to six)
  • Service providers phone number.
  • Preventative maintenance reminders with or without audible alarms

Vortech Technology = Savings:

  • Less waste water then other Iron Filters. Only 44 gallons used
  • Shorter regeneration times. Only 39 minutes.
  • No heavy media under-bedding to lift
  • Results in smaller well pump operations
  • Well pumps dont run as hard or as long

The ENPRESS Vortech™ technologies are revolutionizing the water treatment industry. The design creates fluidity of the media bed and extends contaminant removal capacity; which means less regenerations and significant reduction of water use…saving water, salt and the environment, with backwash flow rate reductions of at least 30%. So it’s easy to go green. Plus, with Vortech™ we eliminate gravel and hub & lateral assembly, reducing overall cost and shipping weight.

Standard Features:

  • 1″ Noryl Plastic meter controlled valve
  • Adjustable sequence microprocessor control
  • No Expensive Air Pumps
  • 12×48 tank included
  • Vortex Plate technology included
  • 1″ By-pass included
  • 1″ vertical Stainless check valve included
  • 1″ Brass, Male Thread, or socket weld connections included
  • Quick disconnect drain line included
  • Quick disconnect aeration valve included
  • Preventative service reminders programmed in
  • Multi media filtration included

Iron CurtainThe Iron Curtain

The Iron Curtain Filter by Hellenbrand removes Iron, sulfer, and manganese from your water.For over 20 years Abendroth Water Conditioning has been selling, renting, and servicing the Iron Curtain Filter System since it’s development. This filter will deliver clean, clear, odorless water to every tap in your home without the use of chemicals.

Hellenbrand’s Iron Curtain™ Filtration System is the single system that guards against a multitude of water problems. Imagine. No more iron taste. No more sulfur smell. No more corroding pipes. Longer life for your appliances, water heater and water softener. Fresh, clean smelling, great tasting water can be yours again with the Iron Curtain™ 2.0 filtration system.

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Abendroth Water Conditioning has been selling, renting, and servicing the Iron Curtain Filter System since it’s development 17 years ago.

The reason your water can taste, look and smell so bad is the incredibly high concentrations of dissolved minerals. You can’t see or feel them, but they’re there! And you sure can smell them. Often times you don’t know they are there until they have ruined your fixtures, clothing, or your desire to drink your water.

Iron Curtain filters pass water through an aeration tank which converts dissolved minerals such as Iron, manganese, and sulfer into physical particles. These particles continue circulating in the aeration tank long enough to grow to a size where they can be trapped in the second filter tank. The Filter tank then removes these oxidized minerals in the specially blended media…leaving clean, good smelling, good tasting water.

No Harmful Chemicals

  • Low-cost operation
  • No damage to septic systems
  • No damage to lawns, animals, or humans
  • No hazardous chemicals.

High flow rates

  • Higher flow rates then ¾” valves

Multiple tank system

  • Accommodates larger water users
  • Provides longer contact time with oxygen and Iron

Iron Curtain filters

  • Require no chemicals or salt for operation or regeneration
  • Requires no air injectors, venturis or micronizers
  • Remove concentrations of dissolved and precipitated iron
  • Increases the pH of acid water on type “A” systems
  • Iron Curtain Filter Systems are availible in a, twin, triplex, and fourplex configuration covering a wide range of flow rate applications from 5gpm (gallons per minute) to over 450gpm.

Rental rates start at $29.99 per month, and includes FREE service should it ever be required.

Birm FIlterBirm Filter

Filters using Birm can also be a very effective way of removing iron and manganese. When water containing iron or manganese pass through the filter bed, the active insoluble catalyst make up of the Birm Media causes the iron or manganese to precipitate in the form of a Hydroxide. This physical particle is then retained in the media bed until the filter backwashes. Periodic backwashing flushes out the accumulated iron or manganese, and the filter bed is freshened, and again ready to perform its filtration functions.

Filters using Birm only can also be a very effective way of removing Iron and Manganese. When water containing iron or manganese pass through the filter bed, the active insoluble catalyst make up of the Birm Media causes the iron or manganese to precipitate in the form of a Hydroxide. This physical particle is then retained in the media bed until the filter backwashes. Periodic backwashing flushes out the accumulated Iron or manganese and the filter bed is freshened, and again ready to perform its filtration functions.

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Birm Conditions

As with any water filtration system a complete water analysis should be performed to assure that the proper characteristics are in place for the system to work. Iron and Manganese removal with Birm is predicated on the presence of NO Hydrogen Sulfide. Organic matter must not exceed 4.5ppm as indicated by the oxygen consumed value.

In order for Birm to work, a dissolved oxygen content of at least 15% of the iron must exist. (Example: 4.0ppm of iron would require a dissolved oxygen content of .60ppm or more). The waters pH must be 6.8 or higher. Since many wells do not contain the proper amount of dissolved oxygen, a water specialist must look to additional equipment to assist the Birm filter.

Dissolved Oxygen with Birm

In order to acheive the proper dissolved oxygen content for a Birm filter, a device that injects oxygen needs to be installed. This device can vary. Listed below are some options to consider, and the benefits and drawbacks that they present.

1) Installing a micronizer (Air Injector / Venturi) into the water line ahead of the Birm Filter. GOOD


1″ Micronizer


Inlet End


Micronizer Issues


2) Installing an air pump that runs when the well pump pressure switch kicks on. BETTER

Air Pump

Drawback to #1: Most individuals do not understand that for a micronizer to function correctly, it needs to be installed on the incoming water line ahead of the pressure tank (not after the pressure tank) so that the micronizer runs as long as the pump does, and introduces the full amount of air during this time. If it is installed after the pressure tank it will not draw air during the tanks draw down time, and it will shut off when the tank reaches it’s cut off point. The second problem is that the customers pressure tank now becomes the aeration tank, and a breeding ground for bacterial iron. The 3rd problem is that a wye strainer needs to be installed prior to the micronizer to catch all physical particles that constantly plug the micronizers venturi. The 4th problem, is it has a tremendous flow rate and pressure drop issue. Look at the internal opening for the water to flow through.

Drawback to #2: This type of set up becomes more expensive than #1. This set up requires the right pump, check valve kits, extensive wiring to the pump pressure switch, and it becomes difficult to control the amount of oxygen being pumped into the system. A retention tank is still required for the oxygen to have enough contact time with the iron. If  the pressure tank is used as the contact tank, then the  pressure tank becomes subject to iron bacteria growth as in option #1.